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How do I Get a Bird’s Eye View of a Group of Students?
How do I Get a Bird’s Eye View of a Group of Students?

How to 'tend to your flocks’ within Headrush

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Whether it be an advisor managing an advisory of students, a specialist scanning a particular population/age of students to understand need, or an administrator looking to check in on student activity, Headrush has straightforward ways to aid this discovery as well as help facilitate the respective conversations.

First and foremost, the 'My Students’ > 'Group Dashboard' view is available to any person with the Advisor role and it summarizes recent activity per student with each student appearing as a card:

My Students > Group Dashboard View zooming into an individual student’s summarizing activity card.

You can quickly view all of the students you are associated with -OR- zoom into a particular group. (NOTE: students and advisors can be part of multiple groups— e.g., by age/grade level, advisory, building, etc.)

My Students > Group Dashboard > Group Selector

Clicking on a given 'Student Card' will take you to the respective detailed view for that specific student:

Annotated Student Card Links

See What a Student Sees

Likewise, you can stay at a particular view of a given student and quickly navigate to other students without having to reselect that view. For example, if you are looking at a 'Student’s Learning Target' completion within a given 'Subject Area,' you can use the left-column student navigation to click through that view for different students:

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