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Setting up Scales / Target Grading

Scales are used as the basis for learning target assessment in Headrush

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A Scale is the criteria used to assess learning targets in Headrush. Globally, Scales are setup and managed via the Admin side of Headrush as part of each Learning Target set:

Each Learning Target set has one and only one Active scale. Each Learning Target Set can have a different scale (e.g.- Rubrics vs. Content):

These scales then show up in assessments as the criteria advisors, learners, and guest assessors use to evaluate the learners:

Scale Level Criteria

Every Learning Target can have its own unique scale level criteria. Setting up criteria can save time for learning designers, who can customize these global criteria to be even more relevant to the task at hand. These can be used to support guest assessment, rubrics or other complex learning targets:

Scale criteria can be added as part of the Learning Target Upload or managed individually via the Admin Learning Targets editor. See Learning Target Setup for more details.


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