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How to capture reflection and assessment data from community experts and outside audiences

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Invite outside audiences to give feedback and assess Learners on their work in any Module in Headrush. Decide how, who, and where the results are shared. Headrush makes it simple for anyone who can click a link to quickly and easily give feedback and complete an assessment.

Why and When would I invite guest assessors?

Narrative feedback and real-time assessment are both empowering and instructive for learners. External audiences heighten authenticity of learning and provide a role for the community to enrich the student experience.

Headrush makes it easy to collect feedback on student work from guest assessors. These guests may include community allies, industry experts, or maybe even peers, including, but not limited to the following scenarios:

  • Project presentation review

  • Competitive event where outsiders rate students

  • Technical product/prototype review from an expert

  • Personal Learning Plan review

  • Thesis defense

  • Portfolio review

How do I turn on the guest assessor feature for my school?

The Guest Assessor feature is OFF by default. It can be turned on by anyone with an the 'admin' role in Headrush, via Admin - Global Settings:

How does guest assessment work in Headrush?

Advisors set up Guest Assessment on a module-by-module basis. This is how it works:

  1. An Advisor sets up guest assessment on a given module.
    The advisor decides:

    1. which learners the guest will assess

    2. what the guest will assess

    3. (optional) what to say in a welcome message to the Assessor

    4. whether or not to share the results with Learners

  2. A link is created to share with guest assessors.
    No separate account needs to be created for assessors. They simply click on the link. Create multiple links per module to accommodate different guests and different scenarios, such as assigning specific groups of learners to a specific assessor. Multiple guests can click on the same link, also, and each will get a unique assessment.

  3. Guest Assessors click on the link and complete the assessment(s).
    When a guest clicks on the link provided, they will be asked to provide their name and email before they can begin the assessment. From there, they assess each individual they have been assigned. Multiple guests can click on the same link.

  4. Guest Assessors will receive an email of what they've completed.
    The guest will receive a copy of their assessment results via email for confirmation and recordkeeping. The guest can optionally confirm their email address to further validate their identity. Each assessment indicates the validated/unvalidated status of guest assessor emails.

  5. Guest Assessor's results appear on the Assessment page.
    Guest assessments are viewable inline on the Module Assessment page, below any Advisor assessments. If permitted during assessment setup (see step 1), Learners will also see the guest assessment results.

Read step-by-step instructions in Setting Up Guest Assessment on a Module.

What do I tell Guest Assessors? What will they see?

Tell your Guest Assessors:

"Click this link and then follow the instructions to provide feedback."

Guest Assessors will need to provide their name and email address to begin. Then, the guest can assess one learner at a time.

Guest Assessor First/Welcome Screen

The guest will be able to see any final evidence the Learners have attached. The guest can also assess learning targets or rubrics, and provide a narrative comment.

Guest Assessor: Assessing an individual Learner

The guest will be sent an email to verify their email address provided. This is not required and does not prevent the guest from assessing students.

Guest Assessor Email Verification Email

Once a Guest Assessor completes the assessment, they will be sent an email confirmation for recordkeeping and archival purposes.

Where does feedback from Guest Assessors appear?

Guest assessments are viewable inline on the Module Assessment page.

Module Assessment View with Guest Assessor Response

If the assessment was set up to allow Learners to see the results, they will see the results here also.

Can the guest change or edit their assessment?

Guest Assessors will be able to edit their assessment until the guest assessment end date, which is set when the guest assessment link is created. The guest will receive an email once they begin an assessment that they can use to return and make edits until the end date.

Will learners see the Guest Assessors' feedback and assessment?

When the guest assessment if setup, advisors decide to share results with Learners:

(a) anonymously

(b) with the Guest Assessor's name, or

(c) not at all

Please note, this setting is per Guest Assessor link, NOT per Module.


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