Setting up Learning Targets
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Learning targets are the learning outcome, skills, and content goals for your school.  In Headrush, it's what guides student-driven project selection, powers assessment and drives the dashboards as the student dashboard shown below:

Learning Target Sets

You have the ability to add multiple sets of Learning Targets. The ability to have multiple learning Target sets at any given time helps you support, manage, and track more learning with the ability to show it in different, but familiar ways.

Common Learning Target Set Examples

  • Middle school targets as a set different from high school students

  • External professional learning outcomes (e.g.- a trade’s group set of learning targets to achieve a certification).

  • Enable/showcase different views of learning target completion or activity
    (e.g.- 4 Dimensional Graduate- one view for content, one view for skills, etc)

  • Product/Process Rubrics

Structure of Learning Targets in Headrush

Within each Learning Target Set, you can setup any number of groupings with the Learning Target being the outcome at the very bottom the tree:

Example Learning Target Set Structures

Learning targets are best set up via an import. Below is a template to help get you started:

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