Headrush enables formative and summative assessment in a variety of ways that inform the learner of expectations and progress, ensures consistency across educators, as well as improves clarity of accomplishment for outside stakeholders. Traditional grades / grading has not always provided the same kind of articulation and equity.

Nevertheless, summative grades / grading are possible in Headrush. In order to determine how to setup grading in Headrush, there are a few questions we’ll need you to answer to help us guide you to the best way Headrush supports your grading approach:

  1. What are grades being attached/associated?
    a. A specific piece of student evidence,
    b. Task/assignment,
    c. Module/unit/class,
    d. Learning target/outcome, and/or
    e. Something else?

  2. How do individual grades get summarized or 'roll up' for a student?
    a. Grades don’t roll up— they are purely feedback on a particular assignment/ piece of evidence
    b. By Course/Class/Unit (e.g.- English 6 Semester 1 or Heat and Motion)
    c. By Subject area (e.g.- Science or Biology, etc)

  3. How do you weight a grade on a given thing for a student?
    a. Grades are not weighted -or- are assumed worth the same weight
    b. By credits earned
    c. By non-credit points
    d. By learning targets demonstrated
    e. Something else?

  4. If grades don’t roll up AND you’re doing competency-based assessment, how both coexist? Where are these reported?

Competency or Standards-based Grading on Task Evidence

Any Task on a Module Task Board can be made assessable and the respective assessments criteria (i.e.- learning targets) can be aligned to that task. Once students submit evidence to that Task, advisors can then assess the student against those learning targets. Related Article: How to Assess Tasks?

Summative Grades Options in Headrush

1. Via a Module Grade on a Module Assessment

2. Via Learning Target completion calculation

3. Via Credit Grades

4. No grades

1. Via a Module Grade on a Module Assessment

Module Assessment Grade Example

2. Via Learning Target completion calculation

Grade Logic Example Calculated by Learning Target

3. Via Credit Grades

Assessment > Credit Grades

4. No Grades

You are under no obligation to do grades and can turn off these Summative Grading options via the respective Admin > 'Global Settings’ tab option:

Admin > Global Settings : Grading Enabled option

Formative Grades Options in Headrush

Per Piece of Evidence via a Comment

* Please note, currently adding a grade and score as a comment on a task is purely for recording the data and requires a custom report in order to calculate grades for a student across multiple tasks.


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