Parents are very likely the biggest advocates for your learners. Views, data, and reports can naturally support and augment both what you communicate and how you communicate with parents. Here are some resources to utilize and consider:

Common Parent Communication Strategies

1. Provide parents with a login to view their student through the Guardian Portal. We recommend sending parents a communication beforehand to refresh their understanding of your learning model. Then, follow the documentation to invite parents to Headrush. This is the simplest way to provide parents with access to reports whenever they want them.

2. Periodically email/send a progress report home. While this approach requires manual action, it can be used to focus or emphasize a specific aspect of student progress. For example, share the 'Progress Snapshot' (see below). Otherwise, take a look at other possibilities for reports that can be sent via email to parents.

Template Letter to Parents

This Google Document is a template Letter to Parents that explains Headrush in the context of your school. Click to create a copy of this template and follow the included instructions to customize before communicating with parents.

Click to create a copy of this parent template letter

Student Introduction to Headrush Video

The video below is often used to introduce students to Headrush and may be useful to show to parents as well so that they have a sense of how their children are interacting with the platform.


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