Parents are very likely the biggest advocates for your learners! Views, data, and reports can naturally support and augment both what you communicate and how you communicate with parents.

Common Parent Communication Strategies

1. Invite/train parents to log into their child’s account or make it a known expectation that students are to conference with their parents logged into Headrush weekly, biweekly, monthly, etc.

PROS: Direct access to everything their child has and can see.
CONS: May be too much information and/or confuse parents not 100% familiar with the intricacies of your model.

2. Periodically email/send a progress report home.

PROS: A controlled summarized view of progress.
CONS: Requires someone to generate and send.

One possibility could be the 'Progress Snapshot' (see below). Otherwise, take a look at other possibilities...

3. Use an email template to email parents a personalized email with Headrush screen shots.

PROS: Personalized.
CONS: Time consuming.


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