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Report examples and export possibilities

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Advisors, Learners, and Admin accounts in Headrush can generate reports.
If you are unsure of what you need, check out 'Choosing Your Reports and Transcripts'.

Example Reports

The following table includes a sample listing of examples reports available to your organization. These are illustrative samples that when generated in your own Headrush site would respectively show data based and attributes based on your settings. Click a title to view a sample:

External Reporting


State of MN Common Course Catalogue (XML)

Module Completion Export

Credit Completion Export

Learning Target Completion Export

PLEASE NOTE: The Reports and Transcripts installed on your Headrush site vary depending on what your organization's initial implementation team decided or even perhaps built with the Headrush team at the start. Headrush can provide custom reports should an organization want some thing more, but that requires some collaboration. Likewise, certain data requires certain configuration that may not yet be setup in your site.

Example Reports

Day-to-Day Progress

1. Activity Feed (In App)

In App Activity Feed

2. Target Dashboard (In App)

In App Target Dashboard

3. Credit Dashboard (In App)

In App Credit Dashboard

4. Progress Snapshot v1

Progress Snapshot version 1

5. Progress Snapshot v2

Progress Snapshot version 2

6. Module Evidence Report

7. Learning Digest

Term / Year-end

1. Competency + Calculated Credit

2. Learning Target Completion

Report: Calculated Credits and Grades from Learning Target Completion

3. Quarterly Student Progress Form

4. Credit Accumulation

5. Skills & Content v1

6. Skills & Content v2

7. Student Modules Summary

Report: Progress Summary

8. Student Modules Detail

9. Evidence to Learning Target Alignment (In App)

Official Transcripts

1. Credit By Year/Term Transcript

Report: Credit Summary By Term

2. Skills & Content v1

Report: Whole Person Radial + Competency-based Completion

3. Skills & Content v2

4. Subject Listing Transcript

5. Credit Transcript By Subject Area

6. All Credits Earned By Subject - Detailed

7. Module Listing Transcript

Report: Module Listing w/ Credit and Learning Target Completion

Insight Reporting

1, Learning Target Completion for a Group of Learners

Group of Students: Target Completion By Proficiency-level

2. Subject Credits Earned for a Group of Learners

3. Evidence / Time Log Totals for a Group of Learners

4. Subject Area Completion for a Group of Learners

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