Task boards can be a flexible yet organized tool for planning and managing projects and seminars of all types.  

Every Module Task Board has:

  • Various Views

  • Columns

  • Tasks

Every Task has:

  • Task Details

  • Evidence

  • State (Open or Completed)

  • Discussion

Here's a brief tutorial to get you started

Task Board: Board View 

The default Board view shows Tasks in their respective columns. Creators of the Module have the ability to drag Tasks from one column to another. Students will see the Board relative to their submission activity/history, whereas, an Advisor will be able to see and drill into all learners on the Module (assuming there are multiple learners):

Task Board: Evidence View

The Evidence view of a task board allows the viewer to see a more detailed view of evidence submitted on tasks. Advisors and students can see all evidence notes, file and links and easily click through all the evidence detail of a given student. It's like looking directly into the Matrix for projects: 

Filtering Evidence By Due Date or By Column

Within the Task Board Evidence view, the viewer has the option to filter Tasks by their respective due date by changing the View By dropdown menu:

Task Board: Calendar View

The Calendar view of a task board allows any viewer to see the respective tasks in the context of when they are due in either a week, full week, or month view.  Additionally, any Creator of the Module, has the ability to use this tool to drag and drop Tasks on the calendar to change or add due date.

Copy Tasks and Columns between and within Task Boards

You can easily duplicate your best practices and best materials. Learn more about how to copy tasks and columns in Task Boards.

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