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Year End Clean-up

Annual tasks worth considering as part of keeping Headrush up-to-date between one academic year and the next.

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Headrush is designed for continuous learning so, for the most part, so there isn't much that must be done at the end of the academic year. However, here are some things worth considering as part of your year-to-year Headrush house cleaning:

1. Update student user records - grade level and enrolment status

Two fields that you should keep up to date if you use them are the Grade Level and Status fields (see below). These can be updated manually for a small number of students OR can be updated through an import.

2. Update Credit Learning Plan Students Lists

Credit learning plans are assigned to individual students. To ensure student credit dashboards remain accurate, make sure any tailored credit plans are assigned to the correct students for the upcoming year. For example, you could add all upcoming grade 9 students to your high school credit plan.

Credit learning plan assignments can be done from the screen below:

3. Review and update Advisor Group memberships

Groups changed from year-to-year so, when ready, you can review all the existing advisor groups and update as needed.

Groups are updated manually (as shown from the screens below) or through an import:

4. Disable student and staff users that have left the school

To disable, select the desired users from the Users table and disable them as shown below:

5. Ensure there is an a Academic Year entry for the upcoming school year

Your Academic Years can be managed from Global Settings as shown below:

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