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Creating student, teacher, and guardian user accounts
Creating student, teacher, and guardian user accounts

How to import and add new users, including adding students

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Before students and teachers can access Headrush, they need to be set up as users in the system.  There are three ways accounts can be created in Headrush:

Regardless of how you get accounts setup, here are the fields per account type (bold indicates a required field):


firstName, lastName, role, username, password, email, preferredName, middleName, studentId, birthday, enrollmentDate, graduationDate, status, parentEmails, gradeLevel, gender, address

Advisors, Credit Managers, or Admins

firstName, lastName, role, username, email, password, salution, staffId


firstName, lastName, role, username, email, studentUserName (must be username of an existing account), salutation, password

Importing New Accounts from a Spreadsheet

The most effective way to get all your accounts set up at once is to organize all the information into a spreadsheet.

Creating the Import File

Below is a template you can use to help you get started:

For Google Sheets users:  Click File - Make A Copy to start editing
For MS Excel users:  Click File - Download As... - Microsoft Excel


  • At any time, you can also export a spreadsheet of all your existing users.  You can use that as a template to update those existing users or add new ones.

  • You can associate a person to multiple roles by separating the role title with a pipe character — '|' (e.g.- Advisor|Creditmanager|Admin would add all three of those roles to the respective person)

  • Currently, Advisory Group associations will NOT be updated when reimporting, but they will be exported.

Saving the Spreadsheet as a CSV

Once your spreadsheet is complete and ready to go.  You will need to download or save it as a Comma-separated values (.CSV) file for import into Headrush.

Completed the Import

Once the CSV is ready to go, you can import it via the admin panel as shown below:

Notify Users

Once all the accounts are created, you can invite them via email in one simple step via Bulk Invite Users.  This will automatically send an invite email to any user who has an account but has not yet logged in.

Creating Accounts Manually

You can always create accounts individually via the Admin screen:

Quick start with automatic account creation through Google Suite

This method is recommended as good way to getting going quickly mid-school year.  It's not recommend as a standard practice at the start of the school year.

If your school is using GSuite for Education, we have probably already enabled Google integration.  When enabled, new users can simply go to your custom and click the Google button.  When they do this an account will be automatically created for them and they can proceed to planning projects.  

Note: When accounts are created this way, it will assume the user is a student and set up their account according.  As an admin, you will need to adjust their account manually and add them to their advisory group if necessary.

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