Every Module in Headrush has an associated Overview form.  This form is a series of questions broken up into sections that help capture, frame, and or guide the nature of the Module.  

Please note: Your school/organization can determine the questions, sections, and input types of any overview.

Aligning Learning Targets to a Module

One of the prompts/questions on an overview will likely be aligning Learning Targets the learner and or advisor believe will be demonstrated as a result of the Module. Once can easily search your respective organizations learning target sets or traverse the hierarchy of how they are organized to find and align these to the Module.

Searching for Learning Targets on a Module Overview

Side-note: When a group/folder of Targets is green, is means at least one target from that group has been aligned to the Module.

Likewise, if you are using Learning Plans, students will have the added benefit of focusing in on only the targets included in their plan and or only the targets they have NOT completed yet.

Comments On an Overview

Commenting on the answer of a given question in the Overview can be an efficient way to both provide feedback as well as track agreements made in the beginning framing of the Module (especially for the student-led workflow). Simply hover over any question on the overview, click the chat icon and a comment dialog will appear.

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