As a member of a Module in Headrush, a person can be one of three roles:

  • Creator

  • Advisor

  • Learner

Depending on which role the person is assigned determines what that person can do within a Module.

Creator Permissions on a Module

'Creators' have total control of a Module. Specifically:

  • Edit the Module Overview

  • Add/Edit/Delete Tasks

  • Edit Task Details

  • Edit Task Due Dates

  • Add/Edit/Delete Columns

  • Add/Edit/Delete Discussion Posts

Advisor Permissions on a Module

'Advisors' on a Module have the same permissions as Creator, but often play more of a supportive role in the Module, versus the Creator. Every Module must have at least one Advisor as part of its membership. Often times teachers will serve as a Creator and an Advisor.

Learner Permissions on a Module

'Learners' on a Module complete the project and tasks someone has created for them and do not have the ability to modify Tasks, Columns, or the Overview. Specifically:

  • Add/Edit/Delete Evidence

  • Add/Edit Discussion Posts

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