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Joinable Experiences

Open any module--expeditions, clubs, pop-up seminars and more--for learners to join at any time.

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Design a learning experience which is open for any learner to join, either at any time or between two dates. Publish the experience where learners can find it.

Make a module available to join

In the Module Overview, click on Who's Involved:

To make the module available for any learner to join, click "Make module available to join." Optionally choose the dates between which the module will be available to join. Choose no dates, or only a start date, to keep the module available indefinitely.

When a module is made joinable, the ability to copy that module is turned off. Click Allow module to be copied by learners to continue to allow both copying and joining. NOTE: Admins can always copy a module regardless of that setting so they will always see the copy button.

Specify which groups can join

You can choose to allow only certain groups of learners to join the module. Pick groups from the list next to Who can join?:

You can select one or many groups. If no groups are specified, all learners can join the module.

Show Learners where to find the module

Modules set to allow anyone to join will automatically be added to the Start New menu:

Learners can Preview the module to explore the Overview and Task Board before joining.

Learners can also click Available to Join from the Warehouse to browse available modules, then click Join on the module's card in the Warehouse to be added to the module:

When viewing the module's Overview or Task Board, a message at the top invites the learner to join the module:

When the learner clicks Join, they will be given a confirmation message:

Send a direct link

You can also copy the module's link in your browser, and send it directly to learners:

Remove Learners who joined by mistake

Go to the Module's Overview, and click on Who's Involved:

Click on the Learner to remove, and then click on the X next to their name:

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