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How to add Evidence and log time
How to add Evidence and log time

Share work for review and feedback

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Learners regularly submit Evidence to Tasks. Evidence can be a simple text comment, a document/slideshow/video/image, or a time log (if time logging is enabled). Submitting evidence can also be an opportunity for the Learner to change the Workflow status of a Task.

How to start adding new Evidence

From the Dashboard:

Click New > Add Evidence anywhere in Headrush to start adding new Evidence.

From a Task in a Task Board:

Click on the Evidence button on the Task Card in the Task Board:

From the Learner Workflow View:

Click Workflow in the top navigation, outside of a module.

Then, click the Evidence button on any task (as shown above under From a Task in a Task Board.)

How to add each type of Evidence

NOTE: Some Tasks may already have Evidence expectations preset, which will mean learners will not have the option to choose what kind of Evidence is attached and instead receive their own copy of the template that was designated as such on the Task.

Learn more about how to submit each type of Evidence.

Click Note to add a text note as evidence. The editor will appear:

In the editor, add text, add time, or add attachments. Multiple attachments can be added by dragging and dropping.

Click Time Log to record time.

*** Note that not all Tasks require a time log and may not use Task Workflow the same as other Tasks.

Click Add from Drive to select folders or documents from Google Drive.

Select multiple files to add as Evidence.

Click Add from Camera to take a photo using the camera and attach it as Evidence. Note that your device must have a camera. The browser will request permission to access the camera, which must be granted for this to work.

Click Paste Link to quickly add a URL or web address to the Evidence. This is a new way to submit evidence.

Using a file explorer window, select and drag-and-drop single or multiple images or files onto this area, or click Choose Files to open a file browser and select files to add to the Evidence.

How to get Advisor Feedback (Use Workflow)

When finished adding new Evidence to a Task, click Submit to make the task workflow status Submitted. This indicates to the Advisor that the evidence is ready for review. This must be done to submit the evidence to the Advisor; merely adding the evidence to the Task will not automatically submit that evidence.

How to Revise and Resubmit Evidence

Tasks that are in the status of Needs Review have been reviewed by the Advisor and require additional work. They are not yet ready to be marked Complete. View the task to see the feedback left by the advisor:

Add new Evidence to the task, and then click Submit Again to put the Task back on the Advisor for review.

Learn more:

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