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Credits and Credit Plans: Setup and Options
Credits and Credit Plans: Setup and Options

Credit options and Credit Plans in Headrush

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Credit is essentially a weighted value for a given topic grouping.

You can optionally track credits in Headrush in one of three ways:

Above and beyond tracking Credits, you may want to give the credit a grade/score, calculate grades based on competencies, or provide a grade/score based on the learner’s overall Module performance. See Summative options on the Grading in Headrush page for more details on Grading options.

Credit Setup Options

Option 1: Tracking Credits Manually

First off, two options need to be turned on via the Admin role:

  1. Courses/Credits Enabled

  2. Credit Plan Enabled (not required, but likely needed)

Admin > Global Settings > Credit Toggles

Headrush accounts within the ADMIN role can then manage via the Admin > Credits page.:

  • Credit Categories / Courses with Course Code

  • Available Credit Values to Assess (e.g.- 0.10, 0.25, 0.5. 0.75, 1.0)

  • Credit Plans

Credit Courses / Categories

Credit courses are the categories you’d like to record and report Credit. Via the Admin role, your organization can manage the course categories, how they are related, as well as respective coding (often useful for state or federal course code reporting).

Credit Settings / Values to Assess

Headrush is flexible in tracking credits, enabling easy partial credit tracking. An orginazation can manage the values available to Advisors when evaluating Credits on a Module via the Admin > Credits > Credit Settings page.

Credit Plans

Lastly, you’ll likely want to setup Credit Plans, which this video explains how credit plans work and how to set them up:

Option 2: Reporting Credits algorithmically

To calculate, track and report credits based on Learning Target Completion, you’ll need to coordinate with the Headrush team. Nevertheless, here is an example of how the logic could work:

Option 3: No Credits at All

To turn off credits, as an admin, go to the 'Global Settings’ page and turn off:

  • Courses/Credits Enabled and

  • Credit Plans Enabled

Admin > Global Settings > Credit Toggles

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