Many times, not all learning targets are relevant for every student AND many times, different students may be pursuing different learning outcomes based on their interest or post-secondary aspirations. Learning Target Plans are a great way to individualize, goal set, and ensure focus by filtering out unneeded learning targets as well as showcasing completion of a given subset of outcomes.

Common Learning Plan Scenarios

  • Focus for this Year (e.g.- 9th Grade vs. 10th Grade, etc.)

  • In multiage school, hiding middle school targets from high schoolers and vice versa

  • Incorporate external learning outcomes, while keeping them separate from internal graduation outcomes
    (e.g.- a trade’s group set of learning targets to achieve a certification)

  • Stratified degree/diploma (e.g.- specialty or advance achievement)

  • Provide different views of learning target completion or activity
    (e.g.- 4 Dimensional Graduate- one view for content, one view for skills, etc.)

Where do Learning Plans Show Up in Headrush?

Learning Plans show up in a few places within Headrush:

1. Within the Module Overview in the Learning Target Selector

Student View of Learning Target Selector Showcasing Target Plans

2. On the respective Learning Target Dashboard

How to setup Target Plans?

Anyone with an Admin role can setup Target Plans via the Admin > Learning Target > Learning Plans section. Once there, you can create, edit, copy, and/or assign a Target Plan accordingly.

Creating/Editing a Plan

Click on an existing Target Plan to edit the title and include targets. Click Create New Target Plan to create a new plan.

Copying or Deleting an Existing Plan

Open an existing plan and click on the respective button in the bottom-right side of the plan itself.

Assigning a Target Plan to Students

Open an existing plan and click on the respective button in the bottom-left side of the plan itself.

TIP: Quickly assign to many people at once by selecting all of a role, group, or grade level via the ‘Filter’ menu next to the search field:

Credit plans can also be setup in Headrush. If your school is capturing credit, Credit plans may exist in addition to Target Plans. Take a look at Understanding and Setting up Credit Plans to learn more about how this can be managed and when it is useful.

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