Headrush enables formative and summative assessment in a variety of ways that inform the learner of expectations and progress, ensures consistency across educators, as well as improves clarity of accomplishment for outside stakeholders. Traditional grades / grading has not always provided the same kind of articulation and equity.

Nevertheless, summative grades / grading are possible in Headrush. In order to determine how to do/setup grading in Headrush, there are a few questions we’ll need you to answer to help us guide you to the best way Headrush supports your grading approach:

  1. What are grades being attached/associated?

    a. A specific piece of student evidence,
    b. Task/assignment,
    c. Module/unit/class,
    d. Learning target/outcome, and or
    e. Something else?
  2. How do individual grades get summarized or 'roll up' for a student?

    a. Grades don’t roll up— they are purely feedback on a particular assignment/ piece of evidence
    b. By Course/Class/Unit (e.g.- English 6 Semester 1 or Heat and Motion)
    c. By Subject area (e.g.- Science or Biology, etc)
  3. How do you weight a grade on a given thing for a student?
    a. Grades are not weighted -or- are assumed worth the same weight
    b. By credits earned
    c. By non-credit points
    d. By learning targets demonstrated
    e. Something else?
  4. If grades don’t roll up AND you’re doing competency-based assessment, how both coexist?
    Where are these reported?

Summative Grades Solutions in Headrush

1. Via a Module Grade on a Module Assessment

Module Assessment Grade Example

2. Via a subject or subgroup grade calculated by Headrush based on how the learning targets have been evaluated

Grade Logic Example Calculated by Learning Target

Formative Grades Solutions in Headrush

1. Per Piece of Evidence via a Comment

* Please note, currently adding a grade and score as a comment on a task is purely for recording the data and requires a custom report in order to calculate grades for a student across multiple tasks.

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