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Get Started Training with Headrush
Get Started Training with Headrush

Resources and guides for individual teachers who are new to Headrush.

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Welcome! Since you're new, we recommend you take some steps at the start to make the most of Headrush.

  1. Register and participate in a Getting Started huddle. These 30 minute sessions get you oriented to Headrush and walk through a typical day-in-the-life from the perspective of both teachers and students.

  2. Watch the videos on our website. Each video covers one topic in 2-3 minutes, and gives a good overview of the Task Board, Assessment, Evidence, Workflows, and more basic elements of Headrush.

  3. Login and check out the Warehouse. Your Headrush comes with several example Modules to get you started.

  4. Create a module of your own. Start a new module from scratch or using any of the default templates, and create some tasks. No students can see what you do, so you can feel free to experiment.

Remember: the Headrush team is available to help you via the chat whenever you are logged in. Just click the button you see in the lower right to ask for help:

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