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Warehouse of Modules

Organize, reuse, inspire and renovate Modules via the Warehouse

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Who can view the Modules in the Warehouse?

Headrush accounts with the ADMIN role are able to control who can access the Warehouse as well as if those with the Advisor role can add to the Warehouse or not. These access rights and Warehouse Category management can be set via the Admin > Learning Modules > Warehouse Options page.

Admin: Warehouse Options / Settings

Can Students view the Warehouse?

Yes, if the respective setting— 'Warehouse Enabled for Students’ is turned on.

👉 Students can only start a copy of a Module type the Student Role has been given access via ADMIN > Learning Modules > Module Settings. A module that was created with a type only available for Advisors will not be available for students to start from the Warehouse.

ADMIN > Learning Modules > Module Settings

Students can click Start New to access the Warehouse:

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