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Bulk Import Past Student Credit Records

Instructions on how to expedite student transfer records into Headrush

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Transferring in past credits and respective grade data can be imported in bulk by using a spreadsheet with the following specific format.

Setup Prerequisites

Before you bulk import student transfer credits in Headrush the following must be in order and understood:

  1. Credit categories setup in Headrush

  2. If importing grades, ensure grading scale is setup to match expected import data

  3. Students loaded in Headrush as users with a Student Id matching those in the import spreadsheet

  4. An understanding of how credits are not the same as learning targets

With these requirements in place, you can then populate the specific spreadsheet format with your respective student credit data.

Past Credit Spreadsheet Import Requirements

The import spreadsheet REQUIRES the following column headers in row 1:

  • Learner
    Student username as entered in the respective Headrush field

  • Module Title
    (e.g.- 'Past System Transfer', 'Biology Semester 1', 'The Harlem Renaissance', etc)

  • Creator
    (Headrush username who will appear on the record)

  • Advisor
    (Headrush username who will appear on the record as an advisor)

  • CourseId
    (Headrush generated code per Course— Not the field 'Course Code')

  • Credit Value
    (Number of credit earned)

  • Assessment Date
    (Determines what term the record will appear; format: mm/dd/yyyy)

The following column headers are OPTIONAL additions in row 1:

  • Grade Scale Id
    (Headrush unique ID found on the Admin > Grading tab

  • Grade Value
    (The corresponding 'value' from the indicated Headrush Grade Scale earned on the given student record)

  • Institution
    (Optional value used to specify the institution the credit was earned. This will populate the respective created Module's Overview prompt with the same title)

Here is an example Transfer Import Spreadsheet for reference. Please note, row two in this example is provided as an example, is placeholder only, and not required.

Feel free to create a copy of this to start your own data entry.

Finding your Course Ids

The Course Id can be found by 'Exporting Courses' via the Admin > Credits page.

Admin > Credits > Export Courses

Once exported, open as a spreadsheet and user/refer to the 'import id' in column 'E':

Credits Exported Spreadsheet with Column E- import id- highlighted

An Example Explained

Each row in the spreadsheet represents a specific subject area's earned credit.

For example, let's assume a student earned the following in a past school year:

Example Student Earned Credits for a Term

To properly add this data to the import spreadsheet, I would add 6 rows in the spreadsheet. In the example import spreadsheet before, you'll see much of the data for the columns would be identical for those 6 rows, with the Subject Category and Credit Value being different.

Example Earned Credit Spreadsheet Import.

Common Transfer Import Questions

What is the purpose of the Module Title? Why would that be different?

The module title both determines if multiple rows in the spreadsheet are associated to the same module that will be created AND is what will appear on detailed reports and or in app drill downs.

For example, if you wanted a module per year from a previous school transcript so that the records in Headrush mirrored the look and timing of that transfer transcript, you could use something like '2020-2021 Springfield High School Transfer' as the title. Subsequently, any row in the spreadsheet with that exact title would be connected to that one module.

As another example, you may have project/unit/seminar titles of past work you'd like to appear as separate modules on a student record. Inherently, you could use the title, 'TED Talk Project' or 'Bridge building Unit' as the module title for each row of credit earned from that project/unit/seminar.

What about 'incomplete', PASS/FAIL, or non-GPA bearing grades?

No problem. In order to import such records, it will be important to have a grade scale with the respective options setup. See grading per credit in Headrush for more details.

How will this appear in Headrush? Who will see this data?

The import will appear as a module with a respective module assessment, just like how any other module can be viewed. The newly created module will be completed and have the assessment and completion date of what was provided in the 'Assessment Date' column of the spreadsheet.

Anyone that has access to a learner, will have access to view the respective newly added/imported records.

Can I do this again, later?

Yes. Please stay mindful there is not an easy way to undo an import, so if importing multiple times, best to do in smaller batches.

Where do I find the 'Scale Id'?

The grade scale id can be found on the Admin role within the 'Grading' tab, below the scale options titled 'Import Id', see below:


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