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Setting Up Guest Assessment on a Module
Setting Up Guest Assessment on a Module

How to setup and administer guest assessors on a Module

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For broader information on Guest Assessment in Headrush, please check out the

Guest Assessment Setup Overview

  1. An Advisor sets up guest assessment on a given module.
    The advisor decides:

    1. which learners the guest will assess

    2. what the guest will assess

    3. (optional) what to say in a welcome message to the Assessor

    4. whether or not to share the results with Learners

  2. A link is created to share with guest assessors.
    No separate account needs to be created for assessors. They simply click on the link. Create multiple links per module to accommodate different guests and different scenarios, such as assigning specific groups of learners to a specific assessor. Multiple guests can click on the same link, also, and each will get a unique assessment.

  3. Guest Assessors click on the link and complete the assessment(s).
    When a guest clicks on the link provided, they will be asked to provide their name and email before they can begin the assessment. From there, they assess each individual they have been assigned. Multiple guests can click on the same link.

  4. Guest Assessors will receive an email of what they've completed.
    The guest will receive a copy of their assessment results via email for confirmation and recordkeeping. The guest can optionally confirm their email address to further validate their identity. Each assessment indicates the validated/unvalidated status of guest assessor emails.

  5. Guest Assessor's results appear on the Assessment page.
    Guest assessments are viewable inline on the Module Assessment page, below any Advisor assessments. If permitted during assessment setup (see step 1), Learners will also see the guest assessment results.

Step-by-Step Setup

1. An Advisor sets up guest assessment on a given module.

a. Go to an Active Module > Assessment page

b. Click 'Manage Guest Assessor(s)'.

c. Add/Setup a new guest assessment.

Remember: Multiple guests can click the same link. This will create a copy of the assessment for each guest, containing the same selection of students, targets, and content.


2. Invite the guest assessor(s).

a. Generate the link.

b. Copy the link

b. Send the link to the respective guest(s)

Share the link using email, Slack, or any means of communicating with the assessors. For example, create a QR Code that corresponds to the link, and place this QR code near the Learner's exhibit at a student event or conference.

3. Guest Assessors clicks on the link and completes the assessment(s).

a. Link opens assessment in web browser.

b. Guest must provide name and email address to start.

The guest is asked to verify the email address they provided, but this is not required for them to proceed with the assessment. However, they will not be able to start the assessment until they provide their name and email address. Guests will be able to change a submission until the date specified when the assessment was created:

c. Guest views evidence and provides feedback.

The guest assessment includes all learning targets and competencies selected when the link was created, plus all evidence submitted by all students included in the assessment. The guest can view evidence, assess targets, and provide narrative feedback.

4. Guest Assessors will receive an email confirmation of their assessment.

This View link remains active forever, even once the assessment is closed.

5. Advisors review Guest Assessments.

These can be viewed from the Module Assessment page, or from the Manage Guest Assessors page in the module.

a. Inline with Advisor Assessments

When viewing the Module Assessment page, Guest Assessments will be displayed below the main body of Advisor assessments.

b. From List of Guest Assessments

Click on any Assessment listed to view the content provided by the Guest.

Why create multiple assessment links to the same Module?

When setting up Guest Assessment on a Module, consider these questions:

  • Will the guest assess all learners on the Module, a subgroup, or only one learner?

  • Do some guests assess learning targets, while others provide only narrative feedback?

  • Do all Learners see guest assessment results, or only some learners?

One link is needed for each unique answer to these questions. For example:

  1. There are 20 learners on a Module and each Guest assesses only one learner. Create 20 links, one for each learner.

  2. There are 20 learners on a Module and each Guest assesses a group of 5 learners. Create 4 links, one for each group.

  3. Some guests will focus on learning targets, such as subject-matter experts. Other guests will provide narrative feedback. Create 2 links— one for each group of guests.

  4. Two groups of Learners are working on the same Module. One will be able to read the Guest Assessor information, but the other will not; for example, seniors and juniors. Create 2 links— one for each group of learners.

How do I assess non-content rubrics?

Adding a separate Learning Target set that includes rubrics for the product, process, or performance criteria. Check out Rubrics in Headrush > How to add rubrics as a Learning Target Set? Do that, then select the new Rubrics set when creating the guest assessment link.

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