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Submit Evidence with Collaborators or in Groups
Submit Evidence with Collaborators or in Groups

Collaborate with other Learners to submit Evidence together

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When Learners collaborate on a Task, they will often create Evidence together, such as when collaborating on a single Google document. Learners can submit the Evidence together as one group in one step. There is no need to submit identical copies of group-developed work.

  1. Click Collaborators

  2. Add other Learners associated with the Evidence (note these are all other learners associated with the Module)

  3. Submit the Evidence

The Evidence will then be registered as submitted by each of the Learners selected:

If a Google File is set as a template on a given Task, only one student should create the Evidence. Once the one student does this, that person can add the others as collaborators to the Evidence. The copied file will then appear for all collaborators.

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