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Google Account, Google Drive, and Google Apps Integration
Google Account, Google Drive, and Google Apps Integration

Log in using Google and simplify Google Drive sharing permissions with the Headrush-Google Integration

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With the help of your Headrush Implementation Coach, schools that use Google for education can enable the Headrush-Google Integration. The integration provides schools these benefits:

  1. Auto create a Headrush account when logging in via your google account.

  2. Auto permissions of Google app files, eliminating extra steps to share.

  3. Set a Google File as the Evidence Template automatically creating copies and titling submissions.

  4. Stay in place by editing and commenting on Google App files inline as evidence.

Auto Create a Headrush Account

Instead of adding students manually or via a spreadsheet import on the Admin Role’s > Manage Users page, you can enable Google auto account creation. When configured correctly, any person who signs in using the Sign in with Google option, will be automatically created as a student with the authorized Google domains (set up by your Headrush implementation coach). Please note, students will not be added to any groups automatically.

Students can log in with their Google account any time. If their username exists, it will be automatically connected to the existing account. If their username doesn't exist, a new student account will be created for them automatically. They can also always use their Headrush username/password.

Users can view/manage a connected Google account via the Headrush Profile page:

Reconnecting or disconnecting a Google account will not delete any Google files.

Auto Google App File Permissions for Attached Evidence

Whenever a student or advisor adds a Google app or drive file as Evidence, Headrush applies Google sharing permissions to that file automatically, so students and advisors do not need to share the file manually by clicking the Share button within Google. By default Headrush will add any Module Advisors to the file.

This feature needs to be configured by your Headrush implementation coach.

Add file from google

The permissions are also applied if a Google link is pasted as part of a piece of evidence. This helps ensure that documents shared via link will have the needed view/edit permissions.

Evidence Paste google Link Auto Detection

Set a Google File as the Evidence Template

On any Module Task where Evidence is required by learners, the Module Creator can select the Google Drive File template that will be copied for every student upon submitting that respective Evidence.

This feature saves clicks, reinforces expectations, mitigates lost files, and makes in progress work easily within reach within Headrush. Learn more about how this works...

Edit and comment on Google App files inline as evidence

When evidence is added from Google Drive, it can be viewed, edited, and commented inline without having to leave Headrush. Viewers can also access/edit the file within Google drive by clicking on the title of the Google Doc.


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