What is a Module?

What are Modules? How are they used?

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A Module is the centralized container of learning and work within Headrush to enable a great number of possibilities and scenarios

A Module includes several components, which are detailed in other articles:

Starting a Module

Students and Advisors can start a Module in five ways:

Start New from scratch / empty Module

Click Start New in the upper right:

then, choose the appropriate module type from the menu:

Start from a template

Copy an existing Module

Copy a module from the Warehouse

Join a module

From the Warehouse, select the category:

There, Preview modules that are available to join, or click Join to be added to the module as a Learner.

Please note, access to the Warehouse is set at a school-level, so if you do not see it as an option, contact your Headrush administrator and request the Warehouse be enabled.


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