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What can be configured in Headrush?

Much of what you see and use in Headrush can be configured/changed to your needs by anyone with an Admin role... here’s what and how

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Headrush is configurable to your organization's needs. Team members with the Admin role in Headrush are able to make many changes on their own. To make deeper customizations, you'll need our help. Start by talking with the Headrush team.

With great power comes great responsibility. The Admin role allows for changes that can affect all advisors, learners, and guests in a single click. If you ever have questions about how your planned change might impact your community, please ask us via the in-app chat support and we will be happy to clarify and assist.

Admin Role Configuration Options 

The word 'Manage’ below implies the ability to Add, Edit or Deactivate.

  • Users / Accounts:  
    Manage Users / Accounts
    Import or export via a spreadsheet  

  • Manage Advisory Groups:
    Manage Advisory Groups

  • Learning Modules:
    Manage what role sees what Module,
    Set a Module Type's respective workflow options
    Manage task types

  • Warehouse:
    Manage Categories
    Set if students can access

  • Credits in Headrush:
    Manage Credit Plans (e.g.- credit graduation plan)
    Set credit incremental values allowed for assessment

  • Grading Scales:
    Manage [Non-Learning Target] Scales

  • Billing:
    Overall Headrush Main Contact (aka- Account Owner)
    Subscription Information
    Cancel Subscription

  • Global Settings:
    Learning Targets Enabled?
    Learning Target Assessment/Dashboard Enabled?
    Credits Enabled?
    Credit Plan Enabled?
    Time Logging Enabled?
    Grading Enabled? (i.e.- non learning target evaluation, grade for Module)
    Allow Advisors To Access All Students?
    Require A Reason For Re-Opening Assessments?
    Display Names As: First Last or Last, First
    Log In Message

  • Organization/School Information (within Global Settings):
    Organization Logo (appears on log in and reports)
    Organization name, address, phone number, website
    Manage Academic Years/Terms 

Headrush Team Required Configuration

  • Google Single Sign On (SSO) Integration
    Set authentication domain(s)

  • Module Type Customization:
    Change the Module Overview questions and sections
    Add another Module Type option
    Setup/change custom task board for each Module type— including columns names and preloaded tasks.

  • Reports and Exports Available/Installed

  • System Labels/ Language Override (may require a subscription upgrade):
    For example, change the label for ‘Module’ to ‘Action Plan’, or ‘Project’ to better match your organization’s language and culture.

  • Task Card Custom Fields (may require a subscription upgrade)

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