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Tagging / Associating Similar Modules
Tagging / Associating Similar Modules

Ideas on how tagging Modules can help you navigate more quickly.

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Every Module can be tagged with tags —aka- labels— of your choosing.
Tagging allows for ad hoc categorization of Modules to both inform as well as make searching for related Modules easier, for example:

  1. Relate a Centralized Topic
    (e.g.- STEM, Veterinary Science)

  2. Relate to a Community Resource
    (e.g.- Discovery Musuem, ABC Electric)

  3. Relate team projects working toward a common end goal
    (e.g.- School garden, School store, 2020 Community Service)

Where to Add a Tag to a Module?

Module Creators will be able to add tags via the Module Overview ’s ’Tag’ field often located in the Logistics Section of the Overview.

How to filter and find Modules with a particular Tag?

On the My Modules or on the Warehouse search page, the option to filter by tag is available as a search option.

How do I add Modules to my system’s Warehouse?

As you may already know since you're asking, your Headrush system includes a Module Warehouse.  The modules that appear in that warehouse are managed by people in your Headrush system that have been granted that access at the account level. Talk with the person who is your Headrush administrator to discuss/explore further.

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