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Manage Advisor Groups for Admins

Organize learners and advisors into Groups.

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Use Groups to organize learners and advisors in Headrush. You can create an unlimited number of groups. Groups determine:

  1. What students are displayed when viewing My Students

  2. Who is automatically added as an advisor for any new module started by a student.

  3. How to quickly add an advisor's group of learners to a module in a click

For administrators:

Create Groups from Headrush Admin

Advisory groups can be created individually in the Advisor Groups panel:

Add/Update Advisor Groups from Spreadsheet Import

Create a spreadsheet with columns shown below to create new or update existing advisor groups in a batch.

PLEASE NOTE: The 'usernameOrEmail' column is case sensitive, so if adding emails, please ensure they do not include capitalizations if not already capitalized in Headrush for that respective person.For example, '' will not be found if the email is in the system as ''

Here's a quick demo of how it works:

Create Groups while adding users

You can create new groups while adding or editing a user:

Allow advisors to create and manage their own groups

In Global Settings, give advisors permission to create their own groups using students from the school by selecting ALLOW ADVISORS TO CREATE AND MANAGE THEIR OWN ADVISOR GROUPS. If you want to allow advisors to create new Headrush users by inviting students directly, also select ALLOW ADVISORS TO INVITE NEW USERS TO THEIR ADVISOR GROUPS. Note that this will allow advisors to create new learners in your school directly.

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