With the help of your Headrush Implementation Coach, schools that use Google for education can turn on and utilize the Headrush-Google Integration. The integration provides schools three advantages:

  1. Auto Create a Headrush account when logging in via your google account.
  2. Auto permission-ing of google app files when eliminating extra steps of sharing with others.
  3. Stay in place by editing and commenting on Google App files inline as evidence.

Auto Create a Headrush Account

Instead of adding students manually or via a spreadsheet import on the Admin Role’s > Manage Users page, you can enable Google auto account creation. When configured correctly, any person who signs in using the Sign in with Google option, will be automatically created as a student with the authorized google domains (setup by your Headrush implementation coach). Please note, students will not be added to any groups automatically.

Auto Google App File Permission-ing for Attached Evidence

Anytime a student or advisor adds a google app or drive file as Evidence, Headrush can make sure all google permissions for that file are taken care of, avoiding the student or respective advisors from having to manage/share that manually every time. By default it will add any Module Advisors to the respective file.

This feature needs to be configured by your Headrush implementation coach.

Add file from google

Edit and comment on Google App files inline as evidence

When evidence is attached as a google app file (e.g.- Docs, Sheets, Slides), the respective viewer of that evidence submission will view the file inline without having to leave Headrush. You can also quickly bump out the file directly to a google window if you choose, and of course, you can still access/edit the respective file directly from google drive.


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