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Know the Warehouse

JAG's library of pre-made content is ready for you to use.

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The Warehouse is full of pre-created content for you. Find project inspiration to copy, engaging challenges and job opportunities for students, adult learning, and more.

To get to the Warehouse, click on the button in the upper left to open the menu, and click Warehouse.

The Warehouse is organized into categories. Click categories to browse. You can also search and filter the Warehouse for keywords or JAG competencies.

Move your mouse over a module to see what actions you can take.

Click on a module to preview it.

Look at the Overview and Task Board to see the structure and content of the activity at a glance. Click Back to return to the Warehouse.

You can Copy a module. When you Copy a module it will appear in My Modules, and you can make any changes you wish. Your copy is private to you and changes you make will not affect the original.

Some modules are Available to Join. When you move your mouse over these modules, the Join button will appear. Clicking Join adds you to the module in the role of learner. This is how students can join JAG Challenges or scholarship opportunities. Modules you or students join will also appear in My Modules.

Click to go back to My Modules. You will see any modules you copied or joined.

The Warehouse is full of content you can copy and modify for your own use, and is constantly updated to include more opportunities from JAG and partners.

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