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Create Groups to organize your Learners
Create Groups to organize your Learners
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Administrators can enable Advisors to create their own groups. Advisors can then set up Groups to organize learners however they like. What are groups good for? Here are some examples:

Monitor Progress: Select a Group on My Students. Information about the learners in the selected group will be displayed. Switch back and forth between different groups to get different perspectives.

Target Joinable Modules to a specific Group: Give learners the chance to opt-in to a module, but limit the choice to a specific group.

Learn how to:

Work with Groups

View, edit and add Groups from My Students:

  1. Click the 🔽 to select a group from the list.

  2. Click the ➕ to create a new group.

  3. Click the ⚙️ to edit the selected group.

Create a new Group

Click ➕ to create a new group.

  1. Give the group a name.

  2. If you are collaborating with other advisors, click ➕ to add them to the group.

  3. Click ➕ to add learners to the group.

Let Learners Add Themselves

👉 Instead of adding students yourself, get your students to do it. Headrush creates a link and QR Code for every group. You can share these with your learners, and they will add themselves to the group. Note: These learners must already have Headrush accounts.

Click SHOW JOIN CODE to display a QR Code you can put on a projector. Learners can use their camera to join the group:

👉Learners can also use the JOIN CODE shown at the bottom of the QR Code display to add themselves to the group. Learners enter the code on their Profile, which they access by clicking on their user icon. Under Learner Groups is a box for the learner to enter the code:

Add Learners to the Group

Click ➕ to add learners to the group, and the user selector will appear:

Search for learners by name. Click Students to instead search for learners by Group. Click the + next to learners to add them to the group:

Click Save to close the user selector and add the learners to the group:

Switch between Groups

Switch between groups in My Students by clicking the name of the current group. You can always click All My Students to see all your learners regardless of group membership.

Edit and Delete Groups

Click the gear ⚙️ to edit the group. Rename the group, invite or remove advisors and learners. Copy the invite link or display the QR Code.

Click the trash can 🗑️ to delete the group. Deleting a group does not delete the participants themselves, only the group.

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