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Why in Headrush?

  • Centralize information for your Career Association committees

  • View Career Association Officers, roles, responsibilities at a glance

  • Plan activities asynchronously with other officers

  • Gather submissions from peers, such as travel forms, event planning proposals, etc.

Who does what?

Creator: Career Association Officer(s)

Advisor: Specialist

Learners: Career Association Officer(s) and/or learners

Example Timetable - Class Career Association

August: Build out/modify Module in Headrush

August: Make active

August-May: Engage in information and use for monthly check-ins and upcoming submissions

Ongoing: Copy and adapt for new year

Variations and Examples

  • Specialist lead of Career Association

  • Officers create their own Career Association boards with Specialists as advisors to empower officers to manage projects, statewide events, community service, and more

How to do this Headrush?

☐ Start a new Module from scratch or copy examples from Career Association category in the Warehouse

☐ Name the module for your Class Career Association

☐ Add to the Overview the event details (optional)

☐ Build out your Task Board

☐ Add column

☐ Add tasks

☐ Change tasks to require evidence or not

☐ Hide columns not ready to be shared yet

☐ Add co-creators

☐ When ready, add others as learners or make joinable

☐ Change status to Active

☐ Manage and track in the Task Board

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