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Co-design a student IDP
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Why in Headrush?

  • Empower students to take authentic ownership of their individual development

  • Personalize IDPs per individual student

  • Gather IDP submissions from students, such as evidence of resumes, college/job applications, SMART goals, internships, job opportunities, etc.

Who does what?

  • Creator: Specialists and/or Student or both

  • Advisor: Specialists

  • Learners: Specialists and/or Students

Example Timetable

Student IDPs have a flexible timetable. The module can span the entire relationship with the student and be a good place to keep track of and manage the "big picture" and the small details in one place.

Start of work: Build out Module in Headrush

Throughout relationship: Monitor and collaborate

End of work: Review and check-out

How to manage an IDP

☐ Start a new Module to manage student IDP. Each student gets their own, and is the owner/creator of the module so they can rearrange and change the structure.

☐ Name it something like "Student Name - IDP"

☐ Fill in the Overview accordingly

☐ Build out the Task Board with the student. The examples include some sample tasks that may be helpful.

☐ Be sure the student is added to the Overview as a module Creator, so they can make changes

☐ Change status to Active

☐ Manage and track

☐ Post/update information on Tasks

☐ Collect information from students, including submissions

☐ Add Discussions to Tasks to clarify questions that arise

☐ Monitor the Activity Feed

☐ Close and complete the Module at the end of the period.

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