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Engage in monthly challenges
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JAG National regularly offers Challenges to participants. These Challenges engage participants in skill development and offer cash prizes.

  • Engage in challenges offered regularly -- typically monthly -- by JAG National and National Partners to win money and prizes

  • Upskill, gain certification exposure, and learn about a diverse range of topics and opportunities


Up your resume game

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JAG National Challenges are available in the Warehouse in the Challenges category. A challenge is typically announced at the start of each month, and grants one month to complete. In summer months, the timeline may be extended to two or even three months. Check the specific Challenge instructions for details.

How to participate in a Challenge

☐ “Join” all challenges for a chance to compete and win

☐ If you need help, ask your Specialist for guidance

☐ Upload your evidence correctly and fully complete the challenge

☐ Check the Challenge Winners module to see if you won

☐ Winners receive gift cards to the email address associated with their Headrush account

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