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Advisor Initiated, Learner Guided Scenarios
Advisor Initiated, Learner Guided Scenarios

Advisors start the process, and then put Learners in charge of the direction of learning, providing support along the way.

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Advisors initiate projects while learners guide their way through them. While advisors set the project parameters, students come up with their own areas of study and respective plan within the advisor initiated framework.

When to use this scenario?

Great to implement when advisors want to initiate a project framework or creative constraint, such as a project theme. Students guide their own journey and respective plan within the advisor initiated module framework.

Example: TED Event, 12 weeks


1. Advisor starts from a template

2. Advisor creates teams

3. Advisor assigns module

4. Learners research topics

5. Learners request approval

6. Advisor approves module


7. Learners research topics

8. Learners develop content

9. Advisor provides feedback

10. Learners design event

11. Advisor invites guest assessor

12. Guest assessor provides feedback


13. Learner team reflections

14. Competency assessment

15. Individual learner reflection

16. Advisor guided assessment

Example Story

The Advisor starts the process with a copy of the TED event module found in the Warehouse. The advisor then creates the teams who will develop the event,

sets up a calendar of objectives, and assigns the tasks in the module to the Teams. This starting point serves as a scaffold for the teams to pick up the work.

The learners then follow the Tasks as a guide in topic research, finally proposing their ideas for Advisor approval. The Advisor then reviews the evidence and approves the development of the presentations.

The Learners then develop their content, and collaborate in Google Drive along the way, leaving comments for each other. This progress can be reviewed any time by the Advisor.

Finally, the Learners begin to design the event. At this time, the Advisor invites a Guest Assessor, a partner event planner, to review the Learner’s plan and provide support and guidance. The Advisor shares the guest assessor information with the Learners.

The topics are chosen, the presentations prepared and the event planned; after it takes place, the Learners share group reflections on teamwork rubrics. The Advisor then aligns relevant competencies, and asks the Learners to provide a private, individual reflection. The Advisor then facilitates a guided assessment process with the Learner teams to process and review the whole event.




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