Evidence attached to ‘Tasks' as part of a ‘Module' can be quickly found via the Task Board Evidence view as well as the respective Module Activity Feed. HOWEVER, what if I, as a learner, wanted to see all the evidence I’ve submitted across multiple ‘Modules?'

The answer lies at the student’s overall 'Activity Feed,' which a student can quickly get to via the top navigation:

Navigating to a Student’s Activity Feed, filtering for only Evidence...

‘Advisors' and ‘Teachers' can quickly view the same respective student’s 'Activity Feed' by navigating to the 'My Students' page, clicking on the respective student, then clicking on 'Activity Feed':

Advisor navigating to a Student’s Overall Activity Feed...

Equally as useful for ‘Advisors' and ‘Teachers,' they can quickly jump to other students from this same place and Headrush will keep you in the next student’s 'Activity Feed' with the respective search filters:

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