When starting a new module, you are not limited to just the "blank slate" modules already loaded into your Headrush site. You can take any module in any state and make it available for others to use as a starting point. Here how's:

Step 1: Create the module as you'd like it

Nothing more than your usual work here! Just create the module as a Teacher-led Project, Student-led Project, etc. and then fill out the Overview and build the Task Board as you'd like to make available for others.

Step 2: Add the warehouse with a category of "Template"

From within the Module:

From the Module Card:

Step 3: Starting a module from a template

Step 1 & 2 are all you need to do to create the template. Here is how others can use it:

  1. Click Start New Module

  2. Choose From Warehouse Template

  3. Choose the template you want to start with and click Go

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