You can quickly and easily embed content from other web applications into Headrush. The general idea is that anywhere there is a rich text field in Headrush you will be able to embed content from elsewhere in one of three ways:

  1. Via the inline Quick Insert (aka- plus icon) > Embed URL

  2. For Google Drive, in the toolbar via the Google Drive Icon

  3. In the Toolbar via the Code view

Rich Text Field: Ways to embed other content.

Rich Text fields are throughout Headrush, including on:

  • Module Overview Question

  • Task Detail

  • Discussion Post

  • Evidence Note

  • Comment on Evidence

  • Assessment Reflections

More Specific Embed Examples

Embedding by URL— YouTube, Vimeo, Mindmeister, Canva, etc

How to embed from a link i.e- YouTube

Embedding from Google Drive— Google Slides, etc

How to embed a google app, specifically google slides

Embedding through the "code” editor Example —

Embedding via URL, specifically from

Another Embedding through the "code” editor Example — Padlet

How to embed a Padlet in Headrush


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