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Importing and Exporting Modules from Other Headrush Sites to My Own
Importing and Exporting Modules from Other Headrush Sites to My Own

How do I copy a Module from another school into my Headrush Site?

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If you interact with an advisor or learner from another school/organization using Headrush and you see a Module they’ve created that you like and want for your own, there is a way for them to share that with you and you to import that into your own Headrush Site (Specifically, the populated Module Overview and Task Board). 

***Please note, any Headrush user can Export a Module. However, only Headrush users with an Admin role can currently Import Module Exports from other sites.

Here’s how:

1. Find and download (aka- export) the Module you want to share with someone else by going to the bottom of the respective Module’s Overview. Then click ‘Export this Module’ and save it somewhere where you can quickly find it.

2. Send/Share the downloaded file—it should have a file extension of .module— to the person who wants to import it into their Headrush site.

3. The person who received the file of the Module export, can now log into their Headrush site, go to the Admin section of the site, and find the import feature on the 'Learning Modules’ page.

4. Find the file that was send/shared with them and import that respective file.

5. Finally and once the Module loads, either add the Module to your warehouse -or- add members to the Module in order for the newly imported Module to find a home in your Headrush site.

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