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I lost my Module! Help! Where did it go?
I lost my Module! Help! Where did it go?

Some tips and tricks to find a Module that’s gone missing

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Written by Shane Krukowski
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So you were just working on a Module and suddenly it disappeared... here are some tips to finding it:

First thing, get back to when you saw it last... often times this is opening a recently closed tab or clicking back a few times on your browser window. Otherwise, check Dashboard > ‘My Modules’... find it?

Here are the common reasons Modules go missing:

  • Was the person creating the Module only in Headrush as an Admin user?  If so, the only way someone with an Admin role in Headrush can save a module is adding it to someone or adding it to the Warehouse. 

  • Check the Module membership.  Are you on the Module? If you are not and others are, chances are this explains it.  Either add yourself to the Module or ask one of your other Module members to adds you as a Module member.  

  • Check your Search filters on your My Modules page. For example, Complete modules are hidden by default, but can easily be searched by adding that status to the page search.

  • If you have access, go to the ‘Warehouse’,  check there.

If none of that locates the Module, pull up a chat window and provide us as much information on the Module you can and we’ll see what we can do to help!

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