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Learner Initiated, Advisor Guided Scenarios

Learners lead project development and advisors guide project structure, add supplemental tasks and provide feedback along the way.

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Learners initiate a new module, adapt a template, or renovate an existing module. In this scenario, the learner initiates the framework of the module, starting with the Module Overview, Task Board structure, and Tasks somewhat pre-populated.

The Advisor guides this process by adding supplemental tasks and providing feedback along the way. The Learners proceed in the module as creator, initiating their own areas of study and respective plan while the advisor mentors them through the process.

When to use this scenario?

Implement when guiding the journey from teacher-led to student-led learning, with built in scaffolding.

Example: Personal Learning Plan, 24 weeks


Initiation - 2-4 weeks

1. Learner(s) creates a module from scratch, using a template, or copying an existing module.

2. Learner(s) modify the overview and update the Task Board to be relevant to their Module’s focus.

3. Learners submit the Module to their Advisors for review.

4. An Advisor reviews the module.

5. The Advisor makes suggestions and comments on the Learner's tasks, and adds new content.

6. The Advisor then approves the Module.

Journey - 22 weeks

7. The Learner then starts the Journey, completing Tasks.

8. The Learner submits Evidence to their Tasks.

9. The Advisor provides feedback along the way.

Finalization - 1-2 hours

10. The Module is finally completed, and the Learner provides a reflection.

11. The Advisor optionally assesses the module for competencies, credits, and other outcomes.


  • Advisors can make Task Board columns invisible to Learners and use them to stockpile Tasks that become relevant later during the Module.

  • Advisors can copy columns from other Modules (see ‘Thought Banks’)

  • Awaiting an approval does not need to stop Learner discovery or research.

  • Advisors can adjust assessments of competencies and assign optional credits at any time as the module progresses.

Workflow Explained

The Learner and Advisor agree that a personal learning plan or independent path of study would benefit the learner in their upcoming academic year. The Learner sets up a Module with columns for SMART Goals and Exploring Possibilities in the outside world through partnerships the school has already established.

After the Learner populates these columns with personalized Tasks, the Advisor reviews the module and adds a Showcase column with Tasks for the Learner to create a journal and portfolio of their work. The Advisor also adds an Ideas and Fun column and suggests the Learner create Tasks here for activities relevant in their personal life.

At this point, the Advisor approves the module and the Learner starts the Learning Journey, updating Tasks and submitting Evidence into the Tasks as they go.

At the end of the academic year, the Advisor and Learner together review the module and its entire collection of associated evidence, potentially aligning competencies and awarding credits for the Learner’s work.



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