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Advisor-Led Module with Common Tasks
Advisor-Led Module with Common Tasks
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A teacher-directed common project is useful to:

  • Guide/introduce learners to content they wouldn’t ordinarily be exposed

  • Scaffold/reinforce a learning process

  • Ensure common experiences are met

HEADRUSH provides some easy ways to enable teacher-directed common projects.  What we mean by “common project", is that the overall tasks are common across all the individual learners involved in the experience. This is different compared to an 'Individualized Project’ where the learner would have more latitude on the individual tasks, at least on the onset.

More specifically in Headrush, 

  • Student are added to the Module as Learners (not Creators)

  • Students are NOT allowed to change Task titles, move Tasks from columns, or edit task details, including due dates.

  • The Task Board > Evidence view becomes very useful to determine individual student completion and quickly view submitted evidence.

Example you can import into your system:

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