Whether it’s working together as a team project, participating in a teacher-led seminar, or the many scenarios in between, learners may need to collaborate with other learners within Headrush. Here are some common and useful ways Headrush supports learner-to-learner collaboration and communication: 

Comments on the Module Overview

Any Learner on a Module can comment on any of the Overview questions. Track and discuss details related to the Overview.

Tasks on the Task Board

When a Task is added to a Task Board, the Learners who are creators of that Module will immediately see that task and can comment, attach evidence, or start a discussion.

If a Module creator adds other Learners as a creator, those learners will be able to collaboratively add tasks to the Task Board at any time.

If a Module creator adds other Learners as learners, task collaboration will only happen when a Module is Active

Discussions on a Task

On any task, a built-in discussion board can aid in clarifying next steps, who’s responsible, and connecting found research.

Submit Collaborative Evidence

Learners can submit Evidence they co-created by adding other learners when they submit evidence. For example, learners create a Google Document together, and submit the result. Headrush shows Advisors that the Evidence came from a group. (Learn more about collaborative evidence.)

Have an idea to make learner collaboration easier/better within HEADRUSH?  We’d love to hear it! Let us know via the chat.


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