Whether it’s working together as a team project, participating in a teacher-led seminar, or the many scenarios in between, students may need to collaborate with other students within Headrush. Here are some common and useful ways Headrush supports learner to learner collaboration and communication: 

Comments on the Module Overview

Any learner on a given Module can comment on any of the Overview prompts.  This provides an in context way to track and discuss details related to the Overview.

Tasks on the Task Board

When a task is added to a task board, the respective ‘creator' members of that Module will immediately see that task and have the option to comment on, attach evidence, or start a discussion.

NOTE: If a 'Creator' adds other learners as a ‘Creator’, those respective learners will be able to collaboratively add tasks to a Module task board. When a student is only a learner on the Module, Task collaboration will only happen when a Module is in the ‘Active’ status. 

Discussions on a Task:

On any task, a built-in discussion board can aid in clarifying next steps, who’s responsible, and connecting found research.

Submit Collaborative Evidence

Learners can submit a piece of evidence they co-created by adding the respective team members when the particular piece of evidence is added/submitted to a given task. This communicates the collaboration to advisors as well as provides a contextual way for dialog/discussion around the collaborative submission.

Have an idea to make learner collaboration easier/better within HEADRUSH?  We’d love to hear it! Let us know via a message in the chat...

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